4 P's...Four peas...Product, Price, Place and Promotion...the Four P's of Marketing, the elements in the "Marketing Mix." The foundation of integrated marketing. Give P's a Chance. Cute, huh?

I apologize. Obviously it was a cheap trick to get your attention. But I really want to share an idea that has been bugging me for several years. I've put the essence of it in an ebook that I'm offering to you to download as a pdf file. It's called The Evolution of Real Estate Marketing or How to Make Selling Homes Fun Again.

Squeeze Page

This page is what the rabid internet marketers call a squeeze page.  You've probably seen lots of them. They are usually very, very, long and very conversational and are meant to make you feel like an idiot if you don't give up your name and email address and maybe spend a few bucks for whatever they are offering.

Squeeze pages are generally composed of short paragraphs that a fourth grader could comprehend, Headlines are often very colorful and you never, never, ever include a link that would take a reader off the page before signing up.

I'm going to skip all that. In fact, I tried to write one that way but it was way too serious. I liked it well enough though that I've put it on the 4 P's site on its own page. I ended up calling it a manifesto and if you prefer to digest ideas as exposition click here: Manifesto

The Book

The ebook is a lot more fun. It's the story of Marty Maven, a relative newbie to real estate who has followed her husband to a university town where he has a fellowship at a prestigious medical school. She enters real estate with a background in marketing that she got working for a large marketing firm in Metropolis. Fate brings her together with John Martin, a successful veteran of the industry who has gotten discouraged.  Together they explore the issues of a changing real estate world.

They don't settle every issue but they find the collaboration stimulating and fun. They show how people of good will coming from different backgrounds working together often are the engine of progress.


The book is free. Right now I have nothing to sell you. In fact if you emailed me all your credit card numbers I wouldn't know what to do with them. That is not to say that will always be the case. In fact, my objective is enlist subscribers to the site as collaborators in an effort to find and build better products and best practices for agents, especially those focusing on listing homes.

Through the blog and the forums on the site, I want to collaborate with those who see the kernel of truth in the big idea.  In a nutshell it's this; We need to become more sophisticated marketers for our listing clients. Even today, after a seismic shift from a sellers market to a buyers market, most of the conversation about real estate marketing is about getting leads; selling ourselves instead of what we're getting paid for, that is selling homes. Ironically,those that do a great job selling homes, seldom have any trouble getting leads.

The book is broken up into six chapters. For the price of your name and email address, I'll send you a link to chapter one. If the whole premise strikes you as silly after you read that chapter, simply "unsubscribe" when I send you the link to chapter 2.

On the other hand, if you'd like to read the remaining chapters they will be sent to you automatically. Then I hope you'll join the conversation and help revive our industry from the grass roots up. Your name and email address will never be sold or lent to anyone else, although, if you're like me, every Viagra distributor on the planet has gotten all your email addresses already and sends something to each twice a day. The reason for all the confirmation stuff is what the geeks call "double opt-in" and helps assure that emails from the site have a better chance of landing in your inbox instead of the junk folder.

Full disclosure

I've been a real estate agent and broker for about six years but certainly not a "top producer" and I probably never will be. I originally got my real estate license to save the commission on homes I was buying to fix up and flip. I then drifted into managing the firm where I had hung my license and then I started my own firm at the beginning of the crash (really bad timing.) Most of my income comes from consulting. I've been in marketing and PR for over 35 years, which I believe is the source of the perspective that inspired me to stay up way past my bedtime many nights banging out the book. I began my marketing career doing product development in the financial services industry and in many ways I feel like 4PsRE.com is taking me back to those roots.

I hope you enjoy the story and will return to the site often and tell all your twitter buddies about it. We'll try to keep things fun but you'll see from the story of Marty and John that change isn't easy, especially when you have to rethink tried and true concepts that have served well in the past.