Interview with Homer

January 13, 2010
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Tweet How one real estate agent has been coping with the market Recently I was in the local big box hardware store looking for some plumbing fittings when a friendly and familiar voice startled me, “Can I help you Sir?” I turned and there in the neon apron of the store employees was my friend […]

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Football Season is Over

December 7, 2009
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Tweet College athletics will never be reformed because the would be reformers have it all wrong. I graduated from Notre Dame in the sixties with a degree in English Lit and some swag to remind me that I was a small part of a National Championship football team. I now live in Durham North Carolina […]

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Is it really dead for real estate in the winter?

November 26, 2009
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Tweet Thanksgiving is often seen in the industry as the end of the fall season for selling homes and the beginning of the “dead season” during the winter months. It’s not true. I’ve often wondered whether this myth was purposely advanced by successful agents so that they could either 1) Take a little break themselves […]

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Sign of the Times

November 14, 2009
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Tweet One of the blogs that I subscribe to is Larry Lohrman’s Photography for Real Estate. Frankly, many of his posts are pretty technical and way over my head but he also writes about the business of RE photography and sometimes shares feedback from others in the business. On November 11th he shared  something one […]

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Halloween Disappointment

November 2, 2009
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Tweet Dear Alberta, I’m so disappointed. We found our dream home, brand new, in a beautiful new neighborhood. About two weeks ago I started decorating for Halloween. Ira and I carved jack-o-lanterns for the front porch and I have a jangly plastic skeleton that I hang on the door and phony spider webs. On Saturday […]

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Alberta on Staging

October 28, 2009
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Tweet (Alberta helps me out with questions occasionally with her unique point of view – Jay) Dear Alberta…I love your old fashioned common sense and your sense of humor so I’m sure you’ll understand my dilemma.  It’ s time to sell our house. The kids are scattered around the country and we heard about deals […]

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Alberta Deals with Conflict

October 28, 2009
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Tweet Alberta helps me out with questions occasionally with her unique point of view – Jay) Dear Alberta…my husband and I are finally ready to buy a new home. We’ve been driving around looking at neighborhoods and we can’t seem to agree on anything. We’ve been camping out in his dumpy old townhouse since before […]

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October 26, 2009
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Tweet There are lots of blogging platforms and I’ve tried several of them including Google’s Blogger.  I also post occasionally on an Active Rain account. I don’t remember how I stumbled into using WordPress but I’m glad I did.  Here’s what I like about it: Flexibility WordPress is part of a class of software called […]

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Introducing Alberta

October 1, 2009
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Tweet Occasionally I come across a question that I just don’t know how to answer without writing an e-book. My friend Alberta thinks it’s because I’m a typical insensitive male whose empathetic tendencies were dulled long ago…but she likes me anyway! She’s agreed to tackle some of these questions for me when they come up. […]

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Ten Ways to Make Your Listing “Product” Competitive

September 12, 2009
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Tweet The 4 P’s are all about the marketing mix but in home marketing the Product is king. And the product is not just shelter. Buyers are also choosing a community and a lifestyle. It’s the whole package you are marketing… not just the house. Here are ten tactics than can make your listing more […]

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