October 15, 2008

Welcome to the pea pod. My name is  Jay Zenner. I’m a real estate agent and marketer interested in creating…with your help…best practices for marketing homes in the new real estate environment.

I’m sure I’m going to get sick of all these references to P’s. When I conceived this site the original intention was to name it NewREMarketing.com.  I’m not sure whether adopting 4 green peas was a great idea but the iconic four P’s of the marketing mix, Product, Price, Place and Promotion has provided the conceptual framework for what we hope to accomplish.

The dramatic shift in the marketplace in recent years from a sellers market to a buyers market has exposed a tremendous deficiency in the skill sets of many working agents. That deficiency is in marketing homes.

A few years ago I had a client who wanted to move from the DC area and had a 1600 square foot townhouse to sell in Alexandria.  The standard practice for similar homes had been to clean it up a little, establish a price, hold an open house, and then sort through the offers above the asking price and close as quickly as possible. This is exactly what they did at the very peak of the market and they did it without an agent.

It’s an understatement to say that it’s a new world out there. Serving our listing clients well is now going to require more than the smooth handling of the inevitable sale. Sellers must now compete with many other sellers and fight the caution of buyers and lenders.

In the old sellers market most of our marketing effort was focused on finding clients and we were sharing the stage with over a million other agents in this country. The heroine of our little Ebook, Marty Maven, entered that stage, like most of us did with a background in another industry. Her story is about building a business based on her background in the marketing world. It is not about industry trends, new brokerage models, new technology or mastering search engine marketing to generate leads.  It’s about the nuts and bolts of getting homes sold.

Because we need to develop our marketing muscles this site is devoted to residential real estate professionals who want to help create and learn best practices for marketing homes. The dialogue will be built around a common understanding of the four P’s of Marketing.

Please join the 4 P’s movement and contribute to the dialogue.

My goal is to make the site self sustaining but still uncluttered with advertising by identifying and developing tools for agents to use in the quest for marketing superiority.

Please contact us with any suggestions or complaints.