It’ Finally Done – THE BOOK

by Jay Zenner on March 5, 2014

FuntoSellGreen4psretYou may have noticed that I have been posting sporadically recently but not because I lost interest in the topic of marketing homes.  Quite the opposite.  I’ve been immersed in the biggest writing project I’ve ever attempted which is taking the lessons developed here and putting them into a book for consumers.

Finally, this week I published it as a Kindle book on Writing it was fun. Editing, proofing  (many times) and formatting for Kindle was a drag. However, it’s finally done and I’m pleased with the result.

While not trying to be controversial, I’m sure some agents will think I’ve been pretty harsh on the industry and dismiss the main point of this site which is that we have to raise our game as marketers in the evolving real estate market.

To be perfectly honest, I sat on the finished draft for many months before I got up the nerve to wrap it up and finally hit the submit button.

The book can be purchased on Amazon through this link. The price I’m going with is $5.99.  Amazon has a program that will let me drop the price for a short period during a marketing campaign, which I am now putting together. The target date is the Ides of March and the price will go to either $.99 or $0.  I’ll post the exact date a couple days in advance.  I created a website for the book at  The site has a description of the book, a sample chapter and the table of contents. Much of the same thing is available on the book’s Amazon page.

Many of the subscribers to this site are agents. If you have clients that might be interested I hope you will want to recommend it. But, be forewarned, the real beneficiaries of this book when it takes off will be the agents on the cutting edge of marketing homes and photographers, video producers, stagers,  top level video tour producers, e-flyers companies and other vendors supplying those agents with marketing tools. If you are one of the agents that is pining for the good old days when your marketing focused 100% on marketing yourself and marketing a home meant putting it in the MLS and sticking a sign in the yard, this book may make you more than a little bit uncomfortable.  You will probably hope you clients never come near it.  On the other hand, it may give you some insights into the inevitability of it all and help you stay ahead of the curve.

One of the beauties of publishing a book as on Kindle, is that books with good reviews and decent sales rise to the top of searches for books that meet the browser’s needs.  The trick is getting it going. Hence the impending promotion and promotional price. If you believe what is preached here about the 4 Ps, I hope you will help light the fire with a good rating and some kind words on the Amazon site.

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