Another Barbara Corcoran Video

Barbara Corcoran

by Jay Zenner on February 22, 2011

Use her authority

The video below of Matt Lauer interviewing Barbara Corcoran lends some authority to much of the content found on this site.  As agents we can use that authority to convince listing clients to get their homes ready for market.

Adapt for your market

Barbara Corcoran’s primary market is New York city. Hardly the typically market from what I can tell.  This means you can disagree with her.  In the eyes of potential clients this increases your authority simply because it looks like you have thought about the topic.

My biggest disagreement with Ms. Corcoran is that you should never put a home on the market after Thanksgiving and before Super Bowl Sunday. This past winter was the best few months that I’ve had in years in any season.  There are many corporate relocators that are using the holidays to shop for a new home for example. The shoppers who are out there are very serious and because so many people buy into this conventional wisdom, there is actually less competition.

She also suggests a cost in the video for getting professional photography of a listing.  Great advice, but the cost she suggests strikes me as very high. I my market, good photography can be had for about half of what she quotes.

She also doesn’t mention staging but I suspect that that is just a given for New York city.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.  Many thanks to Larry Lohrman of the Photography for Real Estate Site for sharing the video.

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