by Jay Zenner on April 19, 2010

I found this short video while entertaining myself on What do you do when you’re asked to stage a home with a full sized boxing ring in the garage? Or a faux bowling alley in the back yard?

I found this concept fascinating. Probably because I’m sitting in a room that was once a carport with my computer gadgetry, a set of dumbbells, a workout bench, an Airdyne bike and two bookcases filled with a weird collection of books knowing full well that most women would never let me get away with this and maybe why I’ve been divorced twice.

Watch the video and then check your emotional reaction.  Emotion is good.  When there are choices with similar practical implications, emotion drives the process. Sometimes the emotions can be strong enough to override practicality.  It’s something we should think about when we write copy, stage a home, choose photography and set prices.

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