A Dirty Little Secret…

google search results for real estate marketing

by Jay Zenner on August 18, 2009

Suhh…don’t tell anybody else…but most agents have never learned to market homes.

“What!” you say, “But that’s what they get paid for!”

When I talk about things like this, especially to people in the industry, I get these blank stares that say “What the hell is he talking about…we’ve been selling homes for decades.”

And I say that for decades you didn’t have to be too good at marketing homes to sell them.

But let’s give the hard working agents who were successful their due. In the good old days when the economy was humming, mortgage money was easy and double digit appreciation was the norm in some places, houses sold themselves to eager buyers.

The competition was for clients and the good agents found the clients. Congratulations!

But…deep down in their guts many haven’t woken to the realization that things have changed.

Here are two experiments you can do to prove the point.

The first I’ve described in another post called Experiment. It involves doing a search on a national search engine like Realtor.com in a market you aren’t familiar with. High end or low end, you will find bad copy writing, worse photography and nothing to convey the experience of living in that community. You get a peek at a few trees but learn little about the forest.

The second thing to do is a Google search for “real estate marketing.” What you will find are all the things you could ask for to generate leads including the leads themselves. Go on…see how many pages you can go through before you see more than two or three things related to selling houses.

It’s all about marketing yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to market yourself as someone who knew how to market homes?

That’s just where we’re at. Shifting from plenty to scarcity, from sellers in control to buyers in control…and only few of them.

For you to be a successful listing agent in the future you will have to be good at marketing homes. A solid understand of the 4 P’s and how they work in real estate will be critical to adding value to the real estate transaction and earning your pay.

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