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Tear sheet from Real Central Blog VA blog post on job creation in Charlottesville

by Jay Zenner on July 16, 2009

This guy gets it. To really do a good job representing our listing clients we need to promote the entire experience of living in a community and not just a home. In this blog post on Real Central VA, Jim Duncan doesn’t even mention  a home.

In three short paragraphs he mentions Charlottesville’s academic setting as the home of the University of Virginia, the historic connection to Thomas Jefferson and the job creating engine the university has become.  There’s a lot more he could have said about Charlottesville and he probably has elsewhere in the blog but the theme in this post is JOBS…a timely topic for sure. My only gripe with his post is that he mentions that Charlottesville is two hours from DC and three hours from Norfolk but fails to mention it is one hour from Richmond. In spite of the fact that I grew up in Richmond and still have close family there, “jobs” would not have popped into my mind at the mention of Charlottesville. (What then, drunken fraternity parties? But that was a long time ago.)

It’s important to remember that things we take for granted about the local community are totally unfamiliar to most searchers considering moving from another area. Since the internet gives us the ability to communicate with people all over the world, why wouldn’t you mention the community and its delights  in the copy you write. Does a link buried in your website to the Chamber of Commerce website fill your obligation? Not if you want to communicate that you are an expert on the market.

I don’t know this guy and probably never will but I found it refreshing to stumble upon an agent who could write intelligently about something other than the multi-levels of crown molding and the quality of the counter tops.

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