Playing Your Marketing Cards

Four cards face down two red two blue and a joker face up

by Jay Zenner on July 28, 2009

To me the concept of the “marketing mix” has always conjured up an image of a mixing bowl where a bunch of different ingredients are combined synergistically to produce something tasty. The problem with that analogy is that it implies that when you follow the recipe things will turn out fine.

Marketing homes may more resemble a game of cards where the 4 P’s, Product, Price, Place and Promotion, represent the 4 suits, with jokers like the economy and client personalities part of the game. In other words, the skill is playing the hand you’re dealt. Occasionally you have to just fold and wait for the next hand.  Then too, sometimes you get all the aces and make a killing.

The other thing I like about this analogy is that playing cards is competitive. Especially when you are representing sellers in a buyers market,  skillful play can make all the difference.

In my particular conception of this game, the Product suit trumps all. With the Ace, King, and Queen of Product, only modest support from Price, Place and Promotion are needed.  When weak in Product you better have a strong Price card or no amount of Place or Promotion will triumph.

The vast majority of hands are neither exceptionally weak nor exceptionally strong, so a strategy and smart play  are what makes a student of the game a consistently good player or a good listing agent.

That’s what 4 P’s Real Estate is all about…students of the game sharpening their playing skills so they can be winners no matter what cards they are dealt.

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