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by Jay Zenner on July 6, 2009

Used to be one photograph of the front of a home was taken to put in the MLS book and possibly use in a one inch square space in a newspaper ad. In many cases next to a one inch square photo of the listing agent inspiring the phrase “little houses little heads.”

Because space was limited, copy writing was spare and twitter-like or simply a summary of the homes features crammed with jargony abbreviations.

Of course, digital photography, web 2.0 and the widespread availability of bandwidth, changed all that. It is now perfectly feasible to construct a full blown website for any property in an hour or less.

Explore the local MLS or national sites like and it is easy to see that our marketing skills still haven’t caught up with the technology. In fact, most of what passes for marketing education in the real estate industry is really about acquiring and mastering the technology.  Even worse, the point made on this blog often is that all this acquisition of technology doesn’t even focus on marketing homes, it continues to focus on marketing ourselves as agents.

But there are oases in this desert. One is that provides resources for agents and others who recognize the importance of good presentation of properties on the web and in print.

I never pine for the “good old days” but one thing that I think may have worked better before everything became digital was that nobody ever revealed too much about a listing in the promotional materials.  The old fan dancers knew it was more titillating to leave a little to the imagination.  The purpose of most home marketing materials is to get a showing scheduled by qualified buyers,  not to reveal every detail. We all know that buyers react in unexpected ways to homes that they see in person. I’ve experienced myself falling in love with homes that I would have written off based on the marketing materials.

Staging, photography and copy writing are just three of the skills needed to expose a home to potential lovers.

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