A Twist on Copywriting

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by Jay Zenner on May 25, 2009

Whatever else you think of the New York Times, the writing is great and the coverage topical. None more topical than a story in Sunday’s Times about a woman in New York who makes her living writing copy for real estate companies. Topical for me because I’m in the process of launching this site and copywriting is one of the marketing muscles and part of the “Promotion”  P that has atrophied in the last few decades.

Now while New York is probably as unique as real estate markets get in this country, certain principles still apply so,  the article is instructive even for agents and their cleints  in more typical markets around the country.

If you read the article you will learn that the speciality of Valarie Haboush, the copywriter, isn’t homes at all, but doing agent profiles for companies like the Corcoran Group.  This reinforces the argument that most real estate marketing over the last few decades hasn’t been about selling homes but about selling agents and generating leads.  You can link to the article here.

While the article about Ms. Haboush highlights one way to improve the promotion of a property,  a companion article provides a counterpoint, arguing for the primacy of price during current market conditions. It’s interesting because it also details some ways clients are getting more involved in the pricing of their homes through websites like Trulia.  The fact is that pricing has gotten much trickier and paradoxically has increased the pressure on sellers and agents to use the other P’s to establish value. This companion article can be read here.

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